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FF Enforcer Novashock Peacekeepers

FF Enforcer Novashock Peacekeepers

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After a protracted testing period, fourth generation Novashock Peacekeeper suits are now deploying into deniable conflict zones throughout the 5 Spheres.

Larger than regular Peacekeeper armour but smaller than a Strider, much of the size of each suit unit is dedicated to cooling systems – enabling the operator to safely operate heavy weaponry with enormous heat outputs. This results in man portable weaponry suited for engaging resilient targets, even including some armoured vehicles.


2x Resin Novashock Peacekeepers (each with a choice of weapon options)

2x MDF 40mm Round Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.

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