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KoW Abyssal Dwarf Ambush Starter Set

KoW Abyssal Dwarf Ambush Starter Set

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Unlike the forces of good, whose impure hearts often waver towards the allure of darkness, the forces of evil themselves are near-uniformly devoid of goodness. From the distant lands of the north, the lost kin of King Golloch’s folk plot and scheme within their fire-lit halls. Twisted almost beyond recognition, the Abyssal Dwarfs are driven by a thirst for power and wealth that surpasses mortal concepts of desire – and driven by these lusts they plan a campaign for world domination.


40 x Hard Plastic Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls / Decimators

1 x MDF 100x80mm Base

2 x MDF 100x40mm Bases

1 x Abyssal Dwarf Ambush Sheet

1 x Ambush Rulebook

NOTE: Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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