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Kow Halflings Heroes

Kow Halflings Heroes

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When the Feastmaster and his gangs are sent ahead to scout for any potential enemies and grab as much food as they can, anything they can trap, shoot and snare gets shoved in the pot.

Giving the ranks of warriors a distinct advantage are the Saucerors, who can cast magical battle magic like a wizard and also imbue their provisions with the mysterious powers of Gastromancy.

Greedyguts are rare abominations that are almost uncontrollable, and the halflings keep them restrained until they can be turned loose against an enemy on the battlefield where it is hoped they will sate themselves until the next fight.


  • 1x PVC plastic Sauceror
  • 1x PVC plastic Greedyguts
  • 1x  PVC plastic Feastmaster

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.


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