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Matsudan Wanderers Booster

Matsudan Wanderers Booster

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Occasionally a Matsudan will fall to the whispers of the Nightstalkers and their deep-seated sense of honour is broken. Rather than risk spreading the curse of the shadowy terrors to their fellow warriors, Ronin will lead from the front in a final display of their bravery, before retiring to a life of solitude where they will eventually succumb to the horrors of the darkness.

This set contains a Matsudan Ronin, Matsudan Grav Bike, and 2 x Matsuyamori bloodhounds.


  • 1x Resin Matsudan Ronin,
    1x Resin Matsudan Gravbike,
    2x Resin Matsuyamori Bloodhounds,
    1x Plastic Single Flying Base,
    3x Plastic Single 25mm Round Bases

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