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Trident Realm Riverguard Regiment

Trident Realm Riverguard Regiment

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The Riverguard are not true Neriticans at all. Dwelling near inland waters, these amphibious creatures belong to tribes that long ago allied themselves to the Neriticans for mutual benefit. They are rangy creatures, looking something like frogs, and perhaps are more akin to the beastmen of the Herd than fishmen.

Fighting in small skirmishing groups known as ‘clutches’, these lithe warriors favour javelins as their weapons, attacking their foes at range before disengaging and retreating back into cover. Treeleaper clutches prefer to strike the enemy in close combat with heavy two handed tridents, literally leaping onto enemy warriors to deal a final, heavy blow.

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20 x Hard Plastic Riverguard

MDF Bases

NOTE: Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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